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About the Veteran Artist Program (VAP)

Since 2009, VAP has worked with other veterans and groups to produce five music/theatrical live events, filmed two documentaries, one feature film, curated gallery exhibits, provided videography/photography services, and helped organize more than 30 community improvement projects, including painting two murals in Baltimore.

The nonprofit organization was founded by BR McDonald, an Army veteran, who studied vocal performance at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Like so many other veterans, he put his creative ambitions on hold when he joined the military. Now, he and the VAP team are committed to helping other veteran artists realize their full potential – Art is an Option.

2012 projects included: the Arts, Military + Healing Initiative, the opening of the new Workforce1 Veteran Career Center in New York, an art exhibition at a national conference in Orlando, Florida, and the nationwide call for veteran artists for a special Pentagon art exhibition.

2013 is the year that VAP became a national organization offering programs in Washington, DC, San Diego, San Francisco and New York. The importance of creating opportunity for vets around the US has never been more important. Through partnerships with the Council of Colleges and Military Educators (CCME), the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense and mainstream media outlets in the greater NY Metro, VAP is bridging the gap between the military experience and a career in the arts.


To Foster, Encourage, and Promote Veteran Artists

VAP, a 501c3 nonprofit, takes artists who are also veterans, and propels their works and careers into the mainstream creative arts community through networking, mentorships, collaborations with professional artists, and original productions. We are based in the Baltimore-Washington area but we work with other like-minded organizations and individuals across the country to expand the network and visibility of veteran artists.

Our scope includes the performing and visual arts, specifically music, theater, filmmaking, acting, painting, photography and many other disciplines in the creative arts. We also provide high quality, veteran-led, professional services such as event and film production, documentation through video and photography, gallery exhibitions and much more.