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Personal Narrative with Dr. Manuel Luis Martinez

Personal Narrative with Dr. Manuel Luis Martinez

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Taught by Dr. Manuel Luis Martinez
October 21-24 TWThF 11:00AM-1:00PM
Austin Community College – Eastview
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We will examine the uses of the autobiographical and experiential to create fiction that can assist us in bridging the gap between the self and the other, between the writer and the reader, between the conscious and the subconscious (there are several ways of understanding this aim).  We will use something I call “retrospective journaling” as a way of fashioning your own Personal Emotive Narrative (PEN), incorporating the emotions and experiences it conjures in the service of writing a story.  In a sense, what I hope students are able to tap into during our time together will give them a kind of emotional palette which will give their work added depth while creating effective modes of connecting to readers.


Manuel Luis Martinez is a native Texan currently living in Columbus, Ohio.  He serves as an associate professor of twentieth century American literature, American studies, Chicano/Latino studies, and creative writing at the Ohio State University. His novels include, Crossing,DriftDay of the Dead, and Los Duros. Most recently, he was inducted into the Texas Institute of Letters.