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Alex Mallory (Veteran Artist Program)

Alex Mallory (Veteran Artist Program)

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Senior Producer, Veteran Artist Program Arts & Service Celebration

Alex Mallory is a director and producer of theater in New York City, where she has directed Takeo Rivera’s acclaimed choreopoem Goliath for Poetic Theater Productions (Co-Artistic Director), which has been embraced by veterans, military families and civilians alike. Through collaborations with Warrior Writers and the Veteran Artist Program, Alex has committed herself to producing theatrical work written and performed by veterans and creating more opportunities for veterans to participate in the professional arts space in New York City. She is the Artistic Associate at Culture Project and the Festival Director of its 2013 Women Center Stage Festival, which featured Staceyann Chin, Dael Orlandersmith, Lucy Alibar and many more, including a performance by veterans Jennifer Cole, Marie Delus, Nicole Goodwin, Jennifer Packanowski and Susanne Rossignol.